12 Sep 2022

1 extra working day with frozen product(s) to Sweden

Also we, Jansen Logistics BV, are affected by the huge shortage of staff, and because of this we are forced to ask for some understanding and acceptance from our customers,

We do and will continue to do everything we can to provide the desired and expected service level, and we have succeeded so far, however, we also see challenges in the coming period(s).

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12 Jul 2022

Article Urkerland: Jansen Logistics expands at De Hors

Jansen Logistics is going to expand considerably. The company has bought the site of neighbor Mudde & Kok, which in time will allow the expedition space and cold store to be expanded.

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4 Jul 2022

Purchase of new property

Jansen Logistics continues to grow and took a new step last Friday. Alie, Arjan and Mop officially signed for the transfer of the new premises. 📃

The purchased building is right in front of our door and offers us many opportunities.

We are now talking about the former premises of Mudde Kok and are located at De Hors 4,6,8 and Makkummerwaard 2. 📍

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27 Jun 2022

BIO Certificate

Have you been looking for a storage place for your BIO-products for a while now?

Jansen Logistics can realize this for you. Some time ago, we have had the control audit of BIO Skal. This has resulted in an extension of our BIO certificate.

For more information, please contact our cold store: 0527 68 0804

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25 Mar 2022

Biest, or colostrum

Biest, or colostrum.

What is that? 

At least that is what I hear you thinking when we tell you that we also store colostrum in our freezers. Colostrum is the first milk that is produced by a cow after the birth of the calf.
Because a cow produces more colostrum than a young calf needs, there is surplus colostrum.

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8 Mar 2022

Storage Capacity (Jansen Coldstore)

Storage capacity, often in short supply and always cluttered. That is why it is so great that we, Jansen Coldstore, have made it our profession to plan and process available space in an orderly manner.

Various customers have already preceded you in the storage of a wide range of products.

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25 Jan 2022

General terms and conditions (Jansen Coldstore)

As a frozen goods storage service provider, we just want to cool pallets, while as a manufacturer or trading company, you just want to make and sell beautiful products. As a storage company, we are proud to be a part of this.

Unfortunately, there is also another side to our work.

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2 Aug 2021

TVM Actueel prevention special

"Reintegration begins on first day of illness."

Every Tuesday evening, a group of four to six people walk at brisk pace criss-crossing the former island of Urk. In addition, four to six fitness freaks are exuberantly cycling and crossfitting. They are an enthusiastic part of the workforce at Jansen Logistics BV. Call it company fitness, call it a sporty meeting with colleagues outside of work, the fact is that there is laughter, relaxation and exercise...

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30 Jun 2021

Triple-V in Jansen Coldstore

Let's go back to 2008 for a moment. Jansen Transport, which specializes in the transportation of fresh and frozen fish, opens a frozen storage facility in the form of Jansen Coldstore. From our location in Urk, we soon receive many requests for frozen fish storage. We know this market and feel right at home here.

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29 Jun 2021

Looking for a 'Work and Learn' training course

Working and learning as a truck driver in logistics with a job guarantee is possible at Aldiver, one of the Netherlands' largest secondment companies in BBL and apprenticeship programs in transport, logistics and automotive.
We also have a number of trainees who bring their talent and passion to our family business. A fantastic part of this is when they are put in the limelight by this secondment company.

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4 Jun 2021

Follow-up Coldstore 2021

2 years on. It seems like a short time but what an incredible amount has happened for everyone. After an energetic start on May 1, 2019, the newly built freezer cell was filled up pretty quickly. Of course, on the one hand it took getting used to the larger volumes, after all, we went from 1200 pallet spaces to over 8000. On the other hand, the demand for frozen storage was so great that we knew it was coming. We were prepared as well as we could be.

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4 May 2021

Our services in a glance

Now that you have landed on our website, of course you want to know at a glance what we can do for you.

We are your logistics partner in conditioned transport logistics since 1984.

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25 Nov 2020

Featured by Warehouse Total

And then your company is put in the picture by Warehouse Totaal. Partly due to the interest in our service as a total supplier in the field of logistics. By our supplier who has advised us enormously by means of sophisticated gadgets in our storage department. Thank you all for your contribution to this wonderful media news!

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16 May 2019

Our new coldstore opened

After months of building, planning, fitting out and optimizing, on 1 May it was time to open our new Coldstore. Jansen Logistics' storage capacity for frozen products is now six times larger than before.

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16 May 2019

New: Regular service route to Hamburg

Starting this month (April) Jansen Logistics added a new destination in Germany, Hamburg. Trucks depart on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

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19 Dec 2018

New website for Jansen Logistics

Jansen Logistics has a new website. Whereas Jansen Transport and Jansen Coldstore previously used two separate websites, both departments of Jansen now use one site.

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22 Nov 2018


The new construction work at Jansen Logistics is in full swing! The freezer capacity is being expanded enormously. A year ago the expedition room was refurbished and now Bouwbedrijf De Zeewering has started the construction of the second freezer. This area will provide space for more than eight thousand pallets! A new guarded car park is also being constructed for its own drivers.

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