We have welcomed a wide range of new customers in the past 2 years. All with their own identity and their own type of products. But also all with the same similarity. The product was entrusted to us and we became part of the logistical process.

There are, of course, setbacks during this period. The biggest one is of course the well-known coronavirus. Everyone, both our customers and we at Jansen Coldstore, have been or are still being affected by this. Although the biggest problems seem to be behind us for the time being, we still need to be vigilant. Both personally and in our work. All in all, we can say that the two years have flown by and we are at our place in terms of storage. We are also aware that the production, storage and transport of foodstuffs is constantly changing and that we have to move with it. We are therefore always looking ahead, for new challenges and opportunities.

Team Jansen Coldstore