The company moved in 2008 from the Keteldiep to De Hors, where later an expansion on the existing site took place. In the years that followed, the growth continued, so that with an eye to the future, the company is now expanding again. Jansen now has 35 trucks on the road. The company employs almost a hundred permanent staff, and temporary workers are still used, especially for shipping.

The premises and land of Mudde & Kok, opposite Jansen, will become available because that company is moving to Nunspeet. Recently the contracts were signed, in December the expansion should take concrete form.
Arjan Jansen owns the company together with his mother Mop and his sister Alie van Lenten-Jansen. He explains where the growth lies: ,,The expansion of the dispatch space is necessary for our cross-docking, in which the freights that are collected on Urk and in the Netherlands are redistributed over various trucks, which run scheduled services to Sweden, northern Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. We also need more space for shipping operations such as labeling, container unloading and palletizing for third parties."
A new, modern car wash and a larger garage will be built on the acquired site. The site will have space for parking trucks. The current site on De Hors will then be freed up for expansion of the cold store and shipping area. Jansen: "Exactly what that new building will look like has yet to be determined." The company already has a parking lot on the Breehorn for staff, and that will remain so. Auto Mulder, which now shares the premises with Mudde & Kok, will also remain in place.