Storage capacity, often in short supply and always cluttered. That is why it is so great that we, Jansen Coldstore, have made it our profession to plan and process available space in an orderly manner.

Several customers have already gone before you in the storage of a wide range of products.

One of our current customers, due to a constant growth in his activities, has started to work on the orderly management of space himself. For this purpose, they have managed to realize a hypermodern cold store.

Of course, we wish this customer every success.

As a result, some space has become available with us again. This in combination with our enthusiasm to get to know new customers, products and markets enables us to invite you:

Are you looking for storage for frozen products and solutions in the logistics chain? Please feel free to contact us regarding the possibilities.

We would be happy to speak with you personally.


Team Jansen Coldstore

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