Vitomega's desire to increase the sustainability of intensive livestock farming and the great demand for immune-enhancing products have created a unique combination!

A few years ago we entered into a collaboration with Vitomega from Deurne (North Brabant) for the storage and transport of this frozen colostrum to their location in Deurne.
The colostrum is collected 2 or 3 times a week with a freezer bus throughout the northern Netherlands, this happens at more than 400 dairy farmers.
Vitomega delivers this frozen colostrum to us and we then place it in our freezer cells. It is very important that the cold chain is kept intact from collecting it from the dairy farmer to its delivery in Deurne. Of course, Jansen Transport contributes to this and takes care of the transport from Urk to Deurne.

Despite the fact that this was a new product for us, we accepted the challenge.
And we can conclude that the collaboration has added value for both Jansen Logistics and Vitomega.
Do you have any questions about frozen storage outside the normal channels? Feel free to ask them and together we will get to work on getting your product stored with us too.


Team Jansen Coldstore

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