As a frozen goods storage service provider, we just want to cool pallets, while as a manufacturer or trading company, you just want to make and sell beautiful products. As a storage company, we are proud to be a part of this.

Unfortunately, there is also another side to our work.

Both you as a customer and we as a storage company have to deal with conditions.

In a nutshell, these contain all the rights and obligations we have as a storage company. Most of the time, we enjoy keeping ourselves busy with the storage of frozen goods. In these activities, sometimes less pleasant things happen. For example, a pallet has fallen, products are not at the right temperature or a customer refuses to pay for services rendered.

All this is regulated in the general Nekovri conditions. Nekovri is the umbrella organization for refrigeration and freezing companies. Do you have any questions about these conditions?

These can be read HERE

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